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Located in Hanover, Maryland
BWI Airport Delivery available

**New to Turo? Sign up here for a Turo account **
This is required in order to rent any of our vehicles
*Driver license and credit card will be required to sign up*

**ID Verification Photo Guide **
Both photos required to be uploaded in Turo app under trip photos.
read more here

Id photo guide

** How to Upload Photos to Turo App **
-Log onto Turo app and open your Trips tab.
-Choose "Booked" from the dropdown menu
-Scroll down to the TRIPS PHOTOS section
-Tap "Share a photo" and upload the pictures from your device

Watch after you upload ID verification photos

BWI Airport Check-out Only
Location Screenshot
example below

Please park car in a spot against the fence. The parking spots on the fence are highlighted below in yellow.

Location screenshot

Please upload screenshot similar to the one below, if you are dropping off car back to Airport Long Term A Parking Lot.
Can be done with Google or Apple Maps

Location screenshot

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For more urgent requests please call/text 202-709-7201. (Texts may result in quicker replies)